My son is a freshman in High School and played competitive baseball from March-October of last year.  He will be playing JV basketball until JV Baseball starts in February.  He needed the break; however, should he be throwing before baseball practice starts in February?  He’s a middle infielder and not an everyday pitcher.






This is a baseball and baseket ball coaches answer, as I was both for a long time.

YES, only critera is that he does not take time or effort away from his basebasket ball team.

But yes he should start throwing, it is no different from running extra, weights, diet all the other things he may do out side of basketball.

I think he should play light catch from 30-40 foot for 5 days, move out to 50ft for 5 days, and so on with about 75 throws each day not don’t worry about speed work on accuracy.

Then if time allow for him to get to the 110-120 ft mark then he should throw the last 10 throws of a session game speed.  BUT be sure (if you are listening to me) that he has to work up to the 110 ft distance and speed.

Let me know how it all works out.

Coach Arnald Swift