I have a 9 year old that has been playing ball for 4years and has been hitting balls pretty good. In the last two months he has moved to travel ball, and has not been hitting very well. Out of a bucket of balls thrown from 30’ he could not hit but one. He has been going to batting cages and is batting at 45 to 55 mph. ok.
His swing is complete and straight with no head turning and not stepping out of box.
I don’t know what to tell him any more I know he can see the ball and follow to plate.
What do you thinks is the problem? Using a 29 x 19oz bat.





Do some of or all of the following things.

1. Throw him balls (plastic or soft) underhand from out in front.  Under hand is important and from in front is important.  The drills is called front toss.

2. You throw to him after the front toss drill live so he can hit it do not worry about speed.

3. Some where along the line do a drill of taking the bat away and having him just stand there and watch the ball so he can tell if it is a ball or strike and get use to the ball coming at him and judging it.

4. Work off a stationary tee

5. Limit the pitching machine for a couple of weeks while doing the drill above then reintroduce the machine.

6. Then in about 3 weeks you hitting routine should be   TEE WORK- FRONT TOSS- WATCH 10 PITCHES-15 LIVE PITCHES- THEN THE MACHINE THE REST OF THE TIME.

When you do this he sill start to hit the ball when it is  pitched live/machine but you have to work on hand eye coordination first and foremost.

Coach Arnald Swift