The Holidays are over! The Bowl games are over! Its time to get ready for BASEBALL!!!

If you have been involved in a strength training program, it’s time to pump it up. If you haven’t been working out, start TODAY! Only the strong survive and there is still time to make a meaningful improvement. Your play next season will improve from the sweat expended now.

Now is the time to:

  1. Start a good long toss program.
    This is an excellent way to improve arm strength. For details read an article called Rediscovering The Lost Art of Long Tossthat appeared in an addition of Collegiate Baseball. I would strongly recommend you subscribe to this publication as it is always full of excellent features written by the top college baseball coaches about how to play, train, and coach baseball. 
  2. Start working on the tee.
    It is crucial that your swing mechanics are fundamentally sound when you begin work on the tee, as this is when those mechanics will be engrained into your muscle memory. If you have any doubts about proper swing mechanics or about how to build a tee station in your garage or basement and how to perform proper tee drills, information is available in theBaseball Skills and Drills video series. 
  3. Check out your equipment.
    What is going to need to be replaced? It’s a pretty good bet you are going to need new cleats. Get your glove re-laced. If you don’t and a lace breaks during the season, you will be without your glove for a week during the season, not a pleasant prospect. Also new laces will tighten and give body to an old glove that might get another year’s use before you have to purchase and break in another expensive glove.

The season is right around the corner. Prepare now and have a great one!

Bruce LambinBruce Lambin raised and coached two talented T-Ball players who became the best baseball players they could be. His oldest played at Texas while his youngest was the shortstop for Louisiana-Lafayette. Both later played with Team USA. Bruce has coached over 150 pro and college prospects (including six Major Leaguers) and continually shows a keen eye for many overlooked aspects of the game.Lambin is a CABA world champion baseball coach and he wrote a book, A Parent’s Guide to Baseball – Surviving and Thriving Youth League to College, that gives parents an inside look at baseball from youth league to college.