I call this the relay shuttle drill. It’s great for a number of skill learning activities and can be adjusted for a variety of skill levels.

  1. Get 3-4 players 45-50 feet apart in a line with one baseball to start with. 
  2. One of the players on one end throws the ball to the next player in line concentrating on the other player’s glove hand/shoulder. 
  3. The receiving player turns into his glove hand and throws the ball to the next player in line, etc. 
  4. This continues there and back.

The coaches concentrate on throwing technique and body rotation/spin, catching, etc. We do this against the clock or head-to-head with the winning team getting popsicles or ice cream.

This drill teaches so many things, and as the kids get acclimated to it we increase the distance to stretch out their arms and increase difficulty.

Chris Kendziora of West Allis, Wisconsin submitted this drill.