Playing third base requires the player to change his fielding position depending on the situation the hitter is facing. The following guidelines will enable them to be ready and move quickly to take up a new position on the field, as the situation changes.

Set Position

  1. Weight slightly forward, left foot in front three or four inches of the right foot. Knees slightly bent and weight up on the balls of the feet.
  2. Glove held waist high.
  3. As the pitcher gets ready to release the ball keep your eyes focused on the strike zone.

Ready Position

  1. Both hands chest high and out in front of the body.
  2. Leaning forward, anticipating the ball being hit in front of you.
  3. By bending the knees (as the pitcher releases the ball) the glove should be as close to the ground as possible.

Fielding Ground Balls

  1. Field all balls that you can get to, unless the shortstop or left fielder calls you off.
  2. Square your shoulders to the base you are throwing to and plant the right foot before throwing.
  3. When fielding a bunt or soft hit grounder use your bare hand, spin, then throw the ball with the “side arm motion.”

Fielding Line Drives

  1. Keep your chest in front of the ball and use two hands to catch it.
  2. If it is a hard hit ball, knock it down. You’ll have time to make the throw.

This tip was contributed by Scoreboard Canada, a Web site that publishes thorough sections of baseball instruction and ideas.